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Reshaping the Future 

in Europe

Our Mission

Building a sustainable world through cutting-edge technologies and innovation

We enable European companies to become world leaders in their fields by implementing cutting-edge technologies and the most innovative products in the market

What We Provide 


Strategy Consulting

Develop the best strategy for business, define the right cultural fit for the specific targeted European markets


Business Development

Developement of the right strategy for the right market in DACH, BENELUX other other Western and Eastern European markets


Strategic Investments

Either Direct investment for equity either introduction of suitable strategic investor from our pool who are able to provide a real value add


Marketing & Channel Management

Development of a sophisticated marketing plan and introduction to the right channels (distributors, partners, etc.)


Legal Advice

Support in legal and administrative issues to set foot into the local markets and completely avoid the typical paperwork nightmares


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We offer a comprehensive array of services and products, from the planning stage to strategic management and development. If growth and innovation are your ambitions, start a new chapter of your business with us.


Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise and the newest technologies to a wide range of sectors and business fields. Together with our clients we develop the industry's future and redefine what is possible, one project at a time


Commercial Real Estate

Real estate is changing - a sector with a huge potential for innovation and digitalization. Technologies like virtual reality, smart measuring and forecasting are the future of the real estate sector.

Check out our real estate technologies (IMMOTEX) and discover your potential



We work closely with the most innovative and disruptive technologies in the agriculture field, maximizing productivity for companies and at the same time ensuring a fully sustainable approach to agriculture. With the right smart-farming products it is possible to increase the yield, improve the cost and resource efficiency and ensure sustainability of all processes.

Check out our argiculture technologies (AGRITEX) and disocover your potential



We develop and re-define the future of the construction sector with disruptive technologies that automatize and scale the productivity of construction and production sites. Some of our products are quite simple and easy to install - however, they can transform an oldfashioned production site into a digital smart workplace.

Check out our construction and production site technologies (BAUTEX) and discover your potential


The Center of Innovation

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