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Our Story

We provide the most innovative and disruptive technologies to European companies in all kinds of fields. Together we reshape the future of Europe.

In a world of constant changes and challenges, we decided to take advantage of the vast technological possibilities and create something that will strongly impact Europe and it's economy of tomorrow. 

Despite the advanced era we live in, there are several opportunity gaps in all industries that halt companies from reaching their maximum potential. By using the technologies and innovations available we want to help companies to rapidly grow, adapt to the current state of the art and have a strong positive impact.


The exclusive selection and the constant development of the technologies as well as their vast amount of proven success stories make us confident to stand by our mission: Transform and reshape the future of Europe. 

Co-Founder & CEO

David Pinchasov

Consultant with vast experience in Corporate Strategy, particularly in Customer Experience based digital transformations; Allrounder with a strong international and multicultural background.



We are passionate about the most recent technologies, the latest discoveries and their importance for humanity. Day after day, we work with all our heart and enthusiastically to innovate to maximize the potential for our partners and customers. Because their success is our top priority.


Future orientation

We want to create solutions that don't even exist today, but that you don't want to miss out on tomorrow. Our world is changing radically. With innovation as the driving force, we are committed to ensure that our customers are well prepared for the future and thus reach the top of their field.



We are committed to our environment, our region, our customers and our employees. Our aim is to use the technological possibilities of our time and to continuously develop them in order to preserve the sustainable basis of life for current and future generations.


Team spirit

We use our skills to find the best solutions together with our customers. We are convinced that a partnership based on equal footing and friendly teamwork lead to the best results.



We break new ground and constantly develop innovative ideas, products and services. We question traditional thought patterns, leave our comfort zone and create something new. For us, curiosity and courage are the biggest drivers of innovation.



We keep what we promise and stand by our word. Openness, transparency and direct communication are important to us. Our customers, partners and colleagues can always rely on us.

Our Values

Co-Founder & CMO

Théodore Hayat

Marketing & Sales Expert with a passion for design and digital innovation; Entrepreneur with a creative mind and an orientation towards finding the best solution

Co-Founder & CEO

Theodore Hayat

Senior Partner & Advisor

Eduard Pinchasov

Senior Sales Manager, East Europe

Marko Ivankovic

Legal Councel

Diana Sara

Business Development FR,CH & BE

Gaï Reynaert

Business Development Western Europe

Eduardo Marín Acosta

Business Development Scandinavian

Roni Aronbaev

Business Development DACH

Heinz Hütter

Marketing Specialist

Eva Granovska

Meet The Team

Co-Founder & Partner

Eduard Pinchasov

Management Expert with 20+ years of experience in leading and scaling companies in the steel and construction industry; Passion for innovation and positive impact driven

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